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O R I G I N A L  P O R T R A I T S: A Connection between all living creatures.

S H A N D E L  G A M E R

I began painting in the mid-1970's as a high school student.  Since that time, I have been working to perfect my own style of pastel painting.  In 2011, I began experimenting with mixed media painting and the result is my "A Splash of Color" collection of rainbow paintings. A few years later, I added photography to my list of media. 

Whether painting in pastel or exploring mixed media and photography, art is a journey.  I invite you to join me on this journey as you visit my website. 

L. E. G I C L E E  P R I N T S:  Fine Art Reproductions of Pastel Paintings

W H Y  G O L E M   A R T

The word “golem,” originates in the Bible, meaning an “unformed substance.” The more popular representation of the golem is in stories about a pre-Frankensteinian creature, mystically brought to life by combining the four elements: fire, water, air and earth. With that in mind, I decided to name my website GOLEM ART because pastels, like the golem, are also created through a combination of basic elements: powdered pigment, water and a binding agent. Each piece of art is unformed until  it is brought into existence by the artist. 

R A I N B O W  L. E.  G I C L E E  P R I N T S:  Perfect for Children of All Ages

A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

As a portrait and wildlife artist and as a photographer, I have been given the rare opportunity to look closely at the essence of the world around us. My paintings and photographs are an attempt to capture a moment in the life of my subject whether it is a person, an animal, a bird or even an inanimate object.  One can capture this moment when looking closely.  The medium may be different, but the view is the same.

P H O T O G R A P H Y:  Through the Camera's Lens

Shandel's works are also available through Fine Art America.

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I love "Georgian Man" and "The Goldsmith". Great stuff!
-- Linda Rennick, 3/18/17

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