I especially like the poodle..LOL
-- Gary W Wing, 1/10/15

That little scruffy white girl on the left sure is adorable!!! You really did capture our baby and I have a couple of friends who already want to commission you.
-- Ann Vroom, 1/9/15

Shandel these are as amazing as all the rest of your paintings- they are fantastic
-- Pattie Pruss, 1/9/15

Love them!
-- Terry Tucker, 1/9/15

Love love love the dogs!! You really captured their personality.
-- Eileen Mandell, 1/8/15

GOLEM ARTThese were done in November and December this year. I'm pretty happy with them. Strange, I avoided painting dogs all these years. Now I really enjoy painting them. Who would have thought. Sorry for the confusing post. Zhibit posted them and then I tried to identify them. An example of my lack of Facebook knowledge.
-- GOLEM ART, 1/8/15

Where have you been hiding these??? They are fabulous! The boxer is my favorite!!!
-- Karen Howard, 1/8/15

It's the blurb from Gamer's gallery that came up. Thus the confusion......yes, these are wonderful dogs!!
-- Jill Tucker, 1/8/15

I'm confused too! Did I miss something?
-- Dana Kidd, 1/8/15

A little confused... The pictures are your paintings of dogs, not cats!
-- Eileen Mandell, 1/8/15

I recognize these cats! Especially the two in the lower right corner.
-- Daniel Taryane, 9/9/12 is a secure connection.

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