So happy to have met you, wishing you nothing but the best!
-- David Fields, 12/4/19

Beautiful work, Shandel! I look forward to working with you!
-- Jennifer Starr, 2/14/19

HI Shandel, Just browsing today. To see what's new. I really love your "Beached" photo. M
-- Marilyn Grame, 5/22/16

very much enjoyed viewing your great art work. especially your portrait work something I enjoy doing myself.
-- James Lasenby, 4/20/14

I love your new work. Congratulations. Let me know how much a print is for the giraffes? What a fresh approach to art.
-- Linda Francis-syrunk, 2/12/14

Nice work, fellow pastel artist
-- Jose Breaux, 12/11/13

Shandell, I really liked your gallery, especially the portraits - so life like! I also thought the Eagle's face was awesome.
-- Theresa , 7/22/13

Great, professional site ladies! I enjoyed it immensely. I am hanging a tour of homes house this week but will be free the next. What works for you?
-- Jae Yost, 7/16/13

Hi Shandel.................greetings from Peggy Buehler in Boise, Idaho. Came across and old brochure of yours when I was making my move to Boise, thought I would check in on your website and see how you are. Your art is more beautiful than ever!
-- Peggy Buehler, 5/2/13

It was just by pure circumstance that I met you in Wal Mart and I am so excited that I did. I look forward to seeing the pictures you paint of our babies Nikki and Ping. Thank you so much!
-- Kimberly Davis, 1/4/13

i just showed my Julie your website and all your beautiful paintings, she absolutely loves them all! I love you and Jill and cant wait to get a chance to visit you both!
-- Spencer&julie, 12/26/12

The site looks good Shandel. The works are impressive when viewed together.
-- Louise Sackett, 4/29/12

Hi Shandel! Love your work and your BIG heart! ~C
-- Curtis Endicott, 4/12/12

Your work is absolutely amazing and welcome to Redmond. I hope to meet you someday!
-- Mary Crose, 9/17/11

Hi Shandel. This is Melinda who used to live next door to ya. My mom gave me one of your prints a while back because I am in Africa a lot. I'm mainly there helping orphans and streetkids, but I do get to see the wildlife occasionally. We (my hubby and me) thought of having our USA base out of Bend at one time, but didn't follow through on that. I know it's a beautiful area though. Blessings and shalom to ya!
-- Melinda, 8/29/11

Terrific style to your work, very much enjoyed!!!
-- James Lasenby, 12/31/10

I love you Shandel and love your work.
-- Kelley Carver Work, 10/22/10

Hi The site is great :-) This is from my new phone. Love you Mark
-- Mark Gamer, 3/13/10

Shandel you never cease to amaze me Jill shared your web page with me and now I am to share wiht all my firends
-- Pattie, 2/23/10

I am so impressed!
-- Cristy Veinbergs, 12/17/09

Great art and website! Congratulations!
-- Darlene Katz, 11/28/09

Love your work!!!!!!
-- Marlene Kolender Korey, 9/22/09

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