The term Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) was coined in 1991, to refer to the product of an ink spray (gicler, in French) process. Art Printmaker's were developing the methods for the preparation of high quality reproductions and the use of the word was intended to distinguish fine art prints from other commercial printing processes.

A giclee begins with a high resolution digital file of the artwork. The image can be photographed or scanned directly.  It can also be scanned from a high resolution photograph. The image is then adjusted, using computer software, to insure that the color balance and tonality closely match the original. The giclee is prepared directly from the digital file.

Not all digital prints are Giclees.  Only digital prints that are created using special high-resolution printers, archival inks which meet strict printmaking standards can be truly marketed as Giclee prints.  These fine art reproductions are laboratory rated to provide several decades, if not a century or more, of lasting print quality.

All of the wildlife and most of portraits are available as Giclee Prints. Golem Art Prints meet all the standards to be considered fine art. Most of our L.E. Giclee prints are produced in house by the artist herself.  Golem Art L.E. Giclee prints are guaranteed to last approximately 100 years.

Golem Art giclees are printed on Epson Watercolor Paper, 190 gsm, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, 308 gsm papers and Hahnemuhle 100% cotton Fine Art Canvas 410 gsm as well as semi glossy and glossy canvas from Epson.  Our giclee printer is the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer using Dye Inks tested for colorfastness. 


Image Size: 5" x 7"
Matted Only
8" x 10" = $45.00--Photograph
8" x 10" = $65.00--L.E.Giclee
8" x 10" = $75.00--LE Giclee on Canvas

Matted & Framed:
10" x 12" = $65.00--Photograph
10" x 12" = $85.00--L.E.Giclee
10" x 12" = $95.00--LE Giclee on Canvas
Image Size: 8" x 10"
Matted Only 
11" x 14" = $65.00--Photograph
11" x 14" = $75.00--L.E.Giclee
11" x 14" = $85.00--L.E.Giclee on Canvas

Matted & Framed:
13" x 16" = $75.00--Photograph
13" x 16" = $95.00--L.E.Giclee
13" x 16" = $105.00--L.E.Giclee on Canvas
Image Size:  11" x 14"
Matted Only 
16" x 20" = $95.00--Photograph
16" x 20" = $105--L.E.Giclee
16" x 20" = $125.00--L.E.Giclee on Canvas

Matted & Framed:
18" x 22" = $105.00--Photograph
18" x 22" = $125.00--L.E.Giclee
18" x 22" = $145.00--L.E.Giclee on Canvas
Image Size:  12" x 18"
Backing Board and Bag Only--NO MAT
$145.00--L.E.Giclee on Canvas


Photographs: All images are limited to 15  prints per image size.
L.E.Giclees: All images are limited to 25  prints per image size.


~All images include Certificate of Authenticity
~All images are signed by the Artist 
~All images are matted, backed and bagged 
~All materials are 100% Acid-Free



All matted L.E. Giclee and Photographic prints are sent as a flat package via USPS.

All framed L.E. Giclee and Photographic prints will be sent in a fitted box via USPS.



The artist community of Zhibit.org laments the passing of GOLEM ART. We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of GOLEM ART, RIP.

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