Note Cards: Birds II--Exotic Birds

Note Cards: Birds II--Exotic Birds
Note Cards: Birds II--Exotic Birds


Note Cards are printed using a Brother 4040CN Color Laser Printer on Domtar Microprint  65 lb. Acid-Free Paper.

Included in this box are:
Flamingo--Bird of My People
CA. Brown Pelican Close-up (Mating Plumage)--Bird's Eye
Eclectus Parrot--Let the Parrot Fly
Snowy Egret--Smoke and Fire
Snowy Egret--White Night
CA. Brown Pelican--I Only Look at Pelicans
Colt and Mother--Born to Run # 3
Giraffe Family--Family Values

Images in boxes may be changed at the artist's discretion.

For more information or to request a personalized selection of cards, contact

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