O R I G I N A L S  P A S T E L S

I began painting with pastels as a high school junior.  I can say with some honesty that my first attempt at portrait painting was not very good.

You see, I was following the techniques used for generations by oil portrait painters.  Lights, darks and then you build the face out from there.

I couldn’t seem to mentally understand this traditional technique. Hence the not very good first attempt.

In my senior year, I decided to add two pastels for my Senior Graduation Project.  This might have been a very foolish idea since my grade was dependent on my success. I selected the pastels anyway.  Ah, youth!

I painted most of these two paintings at home and away from my teacher. It was during this time that I turned away from proper techniques and decided to paint in a way that seemed right to me.  The result was starling!

I am, at my core, a left-brained artist.  There it is . . . the truth.  I begin my portraits (either of humans, animals or birds) at the top of the subject.  I work down from there confronting each feature, feather or fur as it comes.  The only thing I can compare this to is an old dot-matrix printer.  The image appears line by line.

The two portraits on this page were completed through my own way of painting.  They were both painted when I was seventeen years old.  The Richard Boone piece is owned by his niece and god-daughter.  The second piece hangs in my home and is the only surviving artwork I have from my high school years.

Although these were but the first of, my exclusively portrait period, I still marvel at what I created when I found my own voice as an artist.

I have often been asked to teach my painting technique.  I always decline.  Not because I wish to keep it to myself, but because I know that the techniques originally taught to me are correct for the majority of new artists.

So, what’s my message?  Find your own voice and follow it wherever it leads.  

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