I have always loved the medium of Photography.  I have many friends who are amazing photographers, including my partner, Jill. However, photography was not something that I was interested in.  Oh, I always used a camera to photograph my subject matter or for my portrait work, but I never considered photography as something other than functional for my paintings.

It took my coming to Central Oregon in 2011, to change my mind about photography. Central Oregon is an amazing place to live.  

Mountains . . . 
Ocean . . .
Desert . . . 

These photographs stem from my overwhelming desire to capture the beauty around me.  I am not a plein air or landscape painter.  To capture this beauty, I turned to my camera.

I am still learning this medium, but I have already made one discovery.

I realize that through my lens, I seek out the same small details I also strive for in my paintings.  I am less interested in the panoramic view and more interested in the close intimate look at lichen on a fence or the flow of color in the irises in my front yard. 

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